Studio MEM Architects


Start out all projects identifying any jurisdictional requirements that may be placed on a project, including any public hearings that may be required for zoning, special use permits, zoning adjustments that may be desired is required.

We defined the capacity of the site, setbacks, zoning requirements and limitations, and required presentations to neighborhood associations. Every location will have different requirements. Before any begins, the necessary due diligence is required.

Architectural Design

The way we design does not follow a rigid formula or cookies cutter process. We question everything during the process and always looking for better material, methods and options. We work directly with clients in a collaborative effort to meet their needs and achieve their goals.


Clear construction documents are critical for variety of reasons; in the bidding process to obtain clear and competitive bids; in the construction process to assure the design intent is clearly and concisely communicated and eventually for maintenance and repairs throughout the life of the structure.

To achieve this level of clarity we prepare our documents with close coordination with various consultants, holds regular meetings and joint reviews and periodic quality control checks from start to completion.

Studio MEM Architects

Each project is custom designed to the client's personal preference and projects needs!!!